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How it works

  • Light Bulb


    Find key opinion makers to present
    your brand to:

    • Discover how your brand is perceived in social media
    • Analyze 80 million users of social networks and identify key opinion makers
    • Access a community of 40,000 content producers, and discover the ones that are most influential for your brand
  • Life Vest


    Reach a large portion of your target audience and start conversations:

    • Open a direct channel to communicate with opinion makers
    • Create a private community with thousands of opinion makers
    • Spread your message to 80 million people on social networks
    • Interact with your target audience on 310,000 blogs e sites with user-generated content
  • Pie Chart


    See results of your marketing efforts in real time:

    • Measure how the campaign has changed the people's opinion about your brand
    • Compare opinions about your brand and competing brands
    • Get real time information about the results of your online and offline campaigns


  • Zenzey


    A platform that analyzes opinions in real time, classifying every tweet that is written.

  • Whuffie Bank

    Whuffie Bank

    Whuffie is the first social currency and a revolution in value. A new kind of money for the information age, based on reputation.

  • Social Network Seeding

    Social Network Seeding

    Thousands of social network publishers spreading sponsored messages to 5 million friends. With Seeding, brands can publish content on user streams, and users can monetize their audience on social networks.

  • Internet display advertising

    Internet display advertising

    170,000 websites reaching 65 million people and displaying 2.5 billion ads every month. Our behavior analysis technology uses proprietary artificial intelligence to display the best ads for each person and optimize the advertiser’s ROI. Advanced reports provide the advertiser with market and product insights.

  • Casting and Branded Networks

    Casting and Branded Networks

    Advertisers can use our expertise to create vertical specialty networks of influencers and broadcast messages to their audiences.

  • InfiniteCauses


    With InfiniteCauses a brand can start a cause and ask influencers to join the movement by donating regular updates on their social profiles. A branded network with the right influencers can spread the brand’s messages to 1 million followers in a matter of days.

  • Media Planner

    Media Planner

    Find out how many people with the desired profile for your campaign exist on our network. You can also choose the opinion makers best suited to carry your brand’s message and interact with your consumers in their own environment, making the communication much more effective.

Statistics: Twitter poll results

  • Would you let a brand sponsor your Twitter account in exchange for money?

    1. Yes (131)
    2. No (77)
    3. I don't know (35)
  • What kind of brands would you like to be able to advertise in your Twitter Timeline?

    1. Cars (VW, Ford, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Chevy, etc, etc) (50)
    2. Sports (Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc) (76)
    3. Technology (Apple, Sony, Intel, Samsung, etc) (151)
    4. Fashion (Zara, H&M, Rapsodia, Felix, Complot, etc) (54)
    5. Luxury (Rolex, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, etc) (37)
    6. Mobile Communications (Movistar, Claro, Personal, etc) (20)
    7. Media (La Nacion, Clarin, Telefe, Canal 13, Metro 95.1, etc) (31)
    8. Cultural - similar to you (Rock bands, favorite artists, etc) (97)
    9. Political Parties - similar to you (CFK, Macri, etc) (10)
    10. I marked no in the previous question (43)
  • What is your gender?

    1. Male (179)
    2. Female (46)
  • What is your main use for Twitter?

    1. Check out what my friends are doing (8)
    2. Get the latest news (106)
    3. Follow celebrities or interesting people (51)
    4. Talk with friends or strangers (47)
  • What kind of content do you share through Twitter?

    1. I share interesting links (114)
    2. I retweet interesting comments (135)
    3. I interact with my followers (66)
    4. I share mostly funny content (122)
    5. I have a fake Twitter alter-ego (9)
  • How much time do you spend on Twitter?

    1. I rarely use it (14)
    2. Little time (36)
    3. Quite some time (64)
    4. A lot of time (64)
    5. All the time (20)
  • Which kind of advertising method would you prefer?

    1. A brand icon on my profile picture (35)
    2. An automatic tweet from my account (19)
    3. A special design & background in my profile (21)
    4. A (RT) to a @brands's tweet (36)
    5. Other (44)
  • Do you use Twitter on your Mobile Phone?

    1. Yes (I have an iPhone) (54)
    2. Yes (I have a Blackberry) (36)
    3. Yes (I have an Android Phone) (45)
    4. No (I have a smartphone but I don't use Twitter with it) (10)
    5. No (Only on my desktop computer) (50)
  • How many followers do you have?

    1. 100 (142)
    2. 500 (21)
    3. 1000 (11)
    4. 5000 (1)
    5. 10,000 (0)
    6. More than 50,000 (1)
  • As a Twitter user… Do you consider yourself to be more of a producer or a consumer?

    1. Consumer (106)
    2. Producer (37)
  • How would you define Twitter?

    1. Something trendy right now (44)
    2. Something that is here to stay (110)

About Us

We help brands communicate with key opinion makers, so that they will spread the brand's message to their audiences.

With our tools, marketing professionals can identify and interact with influencers on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Our analytical solutions measure the results of online and offline marketing efforts.

boo-box and Popego – the leading Latin American advertising technology companies – have joined forces to create this incredible solution, so that advertisers and advertising agencies can improve their ROI on social media advertising.

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